Sausage Sizzle

We met at the Clubrooms at 9.00 am. It was a lovely morning to take your old car out on a Run. There were 15 cars and 32 people (one visitor). We took the long way round to the property on Anders Road at  Rockleigh. It was a nice easy drive most of the way with some gravel for a short distance. Everyone managed it without any problems. We had our morning tea under the shade of the pine cone trees. The guys were more interested in the shearing shed than the ladies were, although some did take a look inside. We found it interesting because we have had nothing to do with farming. Thank you to Bruce for allowing us to use it. We packed up at 11.30 am and drove to our house to have lunch. Thank you to Bob Hunter and Murray Lutz who helped Terry with the cooking and also thank you to the other helpers. As always, there was lots of chatter and laughter going on and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. The winner of the quiz for the trophy will be announced at the Presentation dinner. Just for fun we had another quiz which got the brain cogs turning. It was good to watch everyone talking with their partner to come up with the answers. Pam and Eric have probably made up by now! There were 27 questions to answer and Brenda was the winner and won the smiley face badge. Thank you to the folk who joined in our Run, you made the day a good one.

Kind regards to you all –  Terry and June Mabbitt