Sausage Sizzle/Biggest Morning Tea


On Sunday May 20 Jeff Martin led some members from the club rooms to our house and some made their own way. We had 36 people and 20 car turn up for the run. What a lovely spread of scones jam and cream Lyn West made for us to eat for morning tea.  Lyn left early because Tom was coming home from hospital after having a knee replacement .  After morning tea we started on the three games we had organised to play for a bit of fun and to come up with a winner for the trophy. Those who participated earned points to see who the winner was . After the games it was time for our lunch consisting of sausages ,onions, a cuppa and some cake.  Some people had a wander around the garden which is very dry at the moment,  it was a nice day to be outside. There was plenty of talking and laughter which is always a good sign that everyone was having a good time. We hope you all enjoyed the outing.  The day wound up about 3-30pm .We have a special thank you to Ron Gartrell for helping cook the BBQ.  Also a big thank you to Pat Jennings for the many things you did on the day to help us out we appreciate it . Thank you to all who attended our run, you helped to make the day a good one.

Cheers Terry and June