The Anytime Run

Since the Auto Collectors Club of Murray Bridge (ACCMB) last met as a group at their Johnstone Park Clubrooms (JPC) March 7th seems like an eternity.
It is now 4 months since the ACCMB members have enjoyed an official club run.

However, during that time, ACCMB Life Members, Elaine and Roy Bretag decided that they would organize, with the blessing of President Claude Minge, a club Clayton’s run when you are not having a club organized event entitled “The Anytime You like Run”, being an attempt to keep the club members semi active.
This run could be taken at ACCMB member’s leisure, with only 1-4 cars and a maximum of 10 people practicing social distancing during COVID 19 restrictions.
The run was a set route with questions to be answered along the way, with a total of 140kms round trip.

ACCMB participants and their cars left Murray Bridge on any which day that suited their very quiet club calendar, between the 6th June and up until 17th July, 2020.
Any other members wishing to do this excellent “Any Time Run” are encouraged to complete this outing before September 1st. Hopefully after that date the ACCMB calendar will be back to some kind of normality with meetings and runs, providing COVID 19 restrictions don’t boil over from the Eastern States by “stuffing up” South Australia’s good record.
They made their way along Palmer Rd, left onto Hillview Rd, left onto Pallamana Rd before naming all 5 signposted roads at the intersection, past the Monarto Lutheran Church, stopping into to check its build history date, onto Monarto South Hall to list name of who laid the foundation stone and date??
Then it was off along Ferries McDonald Rd, through the National/Conservation Parks before turning right onto the Langhorne Creek Rd, past Bleasdale Winery established in ??, before proceeding to the runs final stop at Milang.
The final questions of the quiz being, “what was the original name of the Milang Railway Station and what is Milang’s population?
We will leave these questions for you as ACCMB participating members and Murray Valley Standard readers to answer.

Our party of 2 cars and 6 people then partook of a great takeaway lunch from well renown Milang bakery before travelling onto Wellington, across the mighty Murray by ferry, onto Tailem Bend before returning to Murray Bridge,
At the time of writing this article, a total of 10 cars and 22 ACCMB members and guests have participated in this well organized, casual run and enjoyed by all, despite group 3 encountering rain along the way.
Other ACCMB members to complete this leisurely outing where of course the organizers, Elaine & Roy Bretag (group 1) Cecily & Vernon Graetz, Yvonne & Dennis Kuchel, (group 2) Dennis Scarman & Susan Loveday, Deidre & Trevor Kitto, Avril & Ron Gartrell, Mary & Ian Rowley, (group 3) Aileen & Peter Geue, (group 4) Maureen, Graham & grandchildren, Tyler & Oakley Edwards, Myra & Howard Wright (group 5)

L-R Tyler & Oakley edwards waiting in Grandparent’s Zephyr
L-R Graham, Tyler & Oakley Edwards observing the church foundation stone at Langhorne Creek
L-R Howard & Myra, Graham & Maureen Edwards, Oakley & Tyler Edwards at roadside stop
L-R Groups Cars, Gartrell’s, Kitto’s Rowley’s, Scarman.
L-R Ian & Mary Rowley, Susan Loveday, Dennis Scarman, Trevor Kitto, Avril Gartrell (standing)
L-R Mary & Ian Rowley (backs to the camera), Susan Loveday, Dennis Scarman, Avril & Ron Gartrell (standing)